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Coral Reef

4 Potential Solutions for Corals in Crisis

Racing against the clock, WHOI researchers and colleagues are developing innovative solutions to rebuild reefs and improve coral resiliency–before it’s too late.

Kalina Grabb

Hope for Corals in Crisis

The emerging science and technology that could give coral reefs a fighting chance

A coral reef kickstart

WHOI’s Reef Solutions Initiative takes a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate solutions for ailing coral reefs

Uncharted Water

Uncharted Waters

Our global ocean will change dramatically over the next few decades. What might it look like, and how will humans adapt?

Junk Food

Junk Food

An estimated eight million tons of plastics enter our oceans each year, yet only one percent can be seen floating at the surface. This is the third in a three-part series of stories about how […]

The Unseen World on Coral Reefs

The Unseen World on Coral Reefs

We have learned that microbial communities on and within us—a microbiome—keep people healthy. Corals reefs also have their own microbiomes that they couldn’t function without.

Scientists Reveal Secrets of Whales

Scientists Reveal Secrets of Whales

Researchers have known for decades that whales create elaborate songs. But a new study has revealed a component of whale songs that has long been overlooked-sort of a booming baseline to go along with the […]

In the Gardens of the Queen

In the Gardens of the Queen

An unprecedented research cruise investigated one of the most beautiful and unexplored coral reefs in the Caribbean and fostered collaboration between U.S. and Cuban scientists.

Endangered Whales Get a High-Tech Check-Up

Endangered Whales Get a High-Tech Check-Up

Drones seem to be everywhere these days, from backyards to battlegrounds. Scientists are using them too: in this case, to assess the health of endangered North Atlantic right whales. Since drones are small and quiet, they can fly close to whales without disturbing them, bringing back incredibly detailed photographs and samples of microbe-rich blow.

Corals' Indispensable Bacterial Buddies

Corals’ Indispensable Bacterial Buddies

Coral reefs, like human beings, may be superorganisms that depend on communities of microbes living within and around them for their survival.