Maurice A. Tivey

Maurice Tivey followed his grandfather and father to sea, as they both served in the British Royal Navy. His marine science career began with geological studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and rock magnetism work at the University of Washington. He came to WHOI in 1988 as a Postdoctoral Scholar. Maurice has been involved in 32 research voyages and made 27 dives in deep-sea submersibles including Alvin, the French sub Nautile, and Japan’s Shinkai 6500. His research interests encompass all of magnetism but especially focus on high-resolution magnetic measurements of the seafloor, and what they can tell us about how the ocean crust is formed and how the field has changed through time. When at home, he plays soccer with friends and coaches in the local youth league. He has recently bought a telescope to peer into the heavens, as an excuse to get more gadgets as an alternative to continually looking underwater.