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Jean Whelan

Jean Whelan

Oceanographer Emeritus

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Office Phone: +1 508 289 2819

Fax: +1 781 749 2860


Home Mailing Address:
205 Linden Ponds Way

Apt HG125
Hingham, MA USA 02043

WHOI Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

266 Woods Hole Rd.

McLean 201B (MS# 08)

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050


B.S. University of California, Davis, 1961, Chemistry
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965, Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

Organic matter transformations in recent and ancient sediments and their use in deducing depositional processes, thermal history, and fluid migration history; mechanisms of petroleum formation and migration; effects of natural oil and gas seeps on ocean chemistry.


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