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Images: Adventure in the Labrador Sea

Captain A.D. Colburn, right, crew member Bill Dunn, and others wield their ice mallets on Knorr's foredeck during the Labrador Sea cruise.
Watchstanders Gwyneth Hufford and Mike Ohmart, tethered to a safety line, await word from the Main Lab to launch an expendable bathythermograph (XBT) through the tube at right. The photo was taken on the day that marked both the coldest weather of the cruise (2°F) and the ship's closest approach to the Labrador ice edge
First mate George Silva takes a break from pounding ice to admire his work. This section of the starboard bulkhead was particularly susceptible to ice buildup.
Chief Scientist Bob Pickart, center, Sarah Zimmermann, right, and Dan Torres launch a profiling vertical current meter in 45 knot winds. Float launches are typically done over the fantail, but the Labrador Sea's harsh conditions required a safer, more controlled procedure using thestarboard hydroboom.
CTD chief Marshall Swartz and watchstander Shelley Ugstad help guide the CTD package off the deck during a Labrador Sea deployment. The staging area, including the two rails used to bring the package out of the hanger, needed to be cleared of ice before virtually every cast.
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