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Jason II
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Depth Capability: 6,500 m
Tether: 35 m, 18 in diameter, neutrally buoyant
Size: 120 in (L), 86 in (H), 90 in (W)
Weight: 3,300 kg, 8000 lbs in air (approx.)
Maximum Speed: 1.5 knot forward, 0.5 knot lateral, 1.0 knot vertical
Propulsion: Six brushless DC electric thrusters providing the following thrust:
  • fore
  • aft
  • lateral
  • vertical
600 lbs
600 lbs
300 lbs
400 lbs

Video Camera: 8 Channels
Four 400 watt HMI
Four 250 watt Incandescent

Other cameras available upon request -- contact DSG

Vehicle Sensors
Attitude and Heading: Fiber optic north seeking gyro
Crossbow Accelerometer Attitude Sensor: Solid state flux-gate compass
Pressure Sensor: Paroscientific
Altimeter: 300 kHz Benthos 30 m range 2 degree beam

Optical Sensors Available
1-Chip color Video (two)
SIT Video
1-Chip Color Video Internal P&T (two)
3-Chip Hi-Res Color Video
Electronic Still Camera

Acoustic Sensors
Imagenex 855: Scanning sonar with forward imaging or profiling head
Simrad SM2000: Multibeam sonar available
Pressure Depth: Bulk semiconductor strain guage, < 1 m resolution
Altitude: 120 kHz updating at 2 Hz, 33 m range, 0.1 m resolution
Long base line responder or relay transmitter/receiver
7-12 kHz vehicle powered or battery operated for emergency location

Elevator Sampler
Free Ascent

Schilling Orion: Hydraulic - 7 function, 6 degrees of freedom
Kraft Predator II: Hydraulic - 7 function, 6 degrees of freedom, force feed back
Forward Drawer and Two Swing Arms

Scientific Instrument Support
Six RS-232 (422 available) 9.6 kbaud bidirectional data channels
Higher speed links available
Power and Eathernet: 24 and 240 VDC Switch Circuits available
One additional input
One 6 Mhz with 0-20,000 kHz audio
One 8 Mhz no audio
Payload: 130 kg

Contact DSG for specific application details
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