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The following WHOI scientists and technical staff are currently involved in research in the Arctic. Clicking on the person's name will bring you to their WHOI Directory entry, which has information about research topics, email address, and their personal website. If the person has websites for current Arctic projects, they are also linked to the right of their name.

Directory profile / email Arctic project links Department
Carin Ashjian

Arctic Zooplankton Ecology
SBI - Arctic Edge

Andrew Bowen AOPE
Claudia Cenedese PO
Henry Dick AMORE 2001 G & G
George Frisk AOPE
Glen Gawarkiewicz

Dense Water

G. Richard Harbison Biology
Susumu Honjo G & G
Lloyd Keigwin G & G
Rick Krishfield Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy
Ice-Tethered Profiler
G & G
Christopher Linder Live from the Poles
Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project
SBI - Arctic Edge
Jim Lynch AOPE
Jerry McManus G & G
Dorinda Ostermann Particle Flux G & G
W. Brechner Owens PO
Bob Pickart SBI - Arctic Edge
Beaufort Hydrog [PDF]
Richard F. Pittenger HLRV Directorate
Al Plueddemann Eddies in the Beaufort Gyre PO
Andrey Proshutinsky AOMIP
Arctic Tides
Arctic variability
Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project
Ice-Tethered Profiler
Northern Sea Route
Investigation of Arctic Sea level rise
Two regimes
Rob Reves-Sohn APOGEE PO
Craig Taylor Biology
John Toole Ice-Tethered Profiler PO
James Valdes PO
Chris von Alt AOPE
Keith von Der Heydt AOPE
Jack Whitehead Stratified Convection [PDF] PO
Peter Wiebe Biology
Sandy Williams AOPE
Peter Winsor The Arctic Ocean Boundary Current
Circulation in the Northern Bering Sea
Cruise: Arctic Ocean 2001
Cruise: Arctic Ocean 2002
Cruise: Beringia 2005
Arctic Profiling Floats
Jiayan Yang PO