Peter Winsor
Project - Observations - Arctic Ocean 2001
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In summer 2001 the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat carried out an icebreaker expedition to the High Arctic. This was the third time the Secretariat is collaborating with the Swedish Maritime Administration and the icebreaker Oden, which functioned as a competent research platform. The expedition, whose main focus was atmosphere and biogeochemistry, lasted for about two months and approximately 50 researchers participated. The oceanography program essentially piggybacked on the main programs, and apart from supplying water samples, we managed to repeat much of the hydrographic transect made by Oden in 1991.

Related publications
V. Alfimov, V., A. Aldahan, G. Possnert, and P. Winsor, 2004: Anthropogenic I-129 in Seawater along a Transect from the Norwegian Coastal Current to the North Pole, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 49, 1097-1104.
Björk, G., J. Söderkvist, P. Winsor, A. Nikolopolous, and M. Steele, 2002: Return of the cold halocline layer to the Amundsen Basin: Implications for the sea ice mass balance, Geophysical Research Letters, 29(11), 10.1029.

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