Peter Winsor
Figure 1: Map of the Nordic Seas showing geographical features and the main ocean currents and the positions of the Oden sections and stations (casts). EGC=East Greenland Current, ESC=East Spitsbergen Current, IC=Irminger Current, JMC=Jan Mayen Current, NAC=Norwegian Atlantic Current, RAC=Return Atlantic Current, WSC=West Spitsbergen Current. Blue indicates cold; red indicates warm currents. Adopted from Rudels et al. (2005).

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Project - Observations - Arctic Ocean 2002
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In spring 2002, the Swedish icebreaker Oden conducted an extensive oceanographic survey of the East Greenland Current from north of Fram Strait to south of Denmark Strait as a part of the Arctic Ocean 2002 program to study the Nordic Seas, while RV Knorr of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution worked in the ice-free parts. The Oden survey concentrated on water mass formation in ice covered water and the interactions between the water of the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas. The CTD observations made on Oden describe major and more subtle mixing processes occurring in the Arctic Mediterranean Sea.

The Oden and Knorr data set is currently analyzed, with emphasis on the hydrography and absolute transports of the East Greenland Current system using shipboard and lowered ADCP data together with the collected CTD data. Figure 1 shows the spatial coverage of the CTD stations occupied by Oden in 2002.

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Rudels, B., G. Björk, J. Nilsson, P. Winsor, I. Lake, and C. Nohr, 2005: The interactions between Arctic and Nordic Seas waters north of Fram Strait and East Greenland Current: results from the Arctic Ocean-02 Oden expedition, Journal of Marine Systems, in press.
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