Peter Winsor
Figure 1: Map of the Arctic Ocean with the planned cruise track of I/B Oden (orange line) and USCGC Healy (red line). White dots show planned (preliminary) stations along the Oden cruise track, which will start out from Barrow, Alaska (top of the map).

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Project - Observations - Beringia 2005
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The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is organizing a research expedition to the Beringia-region in the summer of 2005 using the ice-breaker Oden as a platform. The scientific focus and logistical framework for the expedition have been outlined, based on interests expressed by the Swedish research community and by scientists and representatives of research organisations in Russia and the United States. An international workshop for the design of the Beringia 2005 expedition was held in Stockholm in November 2002.

Leg 3 of this cruise will be conducting marine research along a transect from from Barrow, Alaska across the Arctic Basin, to Svalbard (Figure 1). The plan is to coordinate the traverse across the Arctic basin with USCGC Healy. The two ships will join forces in the heavy pack ice (approx above 85 degrees north). Research onboard Healy will focus on geophysics and marine geology, and the field work will primarily involve sediment sampling and seismic investigations, whereas the work on Oden will be focused on oceanographic and biogeochemical research. Of the total of 54 days estimated for the journey from Alaska to Svalbard, some 24 days will be used for station time. (see the Beringia 2005 expedition webpage for additional information).
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