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Maria Pachiadaki

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Maria Pachiadaki

Our eyes on the seafloor

A Q&A with WHOI marine microbiologist Maria Pachiadaki on sampling the deep ocean with Jason

Ferromanganese crusts draping rocks

With deep-sea mining, do microbes stand a chance?

Scouring the seafloor for precious metals could put marine microbial communities and their ecosystem functions at risk


Spock versus the volcano

Five hundred meters below the calm surface waters of the Aegean Sea off Santorini Island, Greece, lies an active submarine volcano. There, a decision-making robot equipped with artificial intelligence searches for life and danger.

The Harshest Habitats on Earth

The Harshest Habitats on Earth

With help from ROV Jason and a new, high-tech sampling instrument, scientists discover that even in a hyper-saline realm, with no light and no oxygen, under crushing pressure, life still finds a way.