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Chip Breier

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PlankZooka & SUPR-REMUS

PlankZooka & SUPR-REMUS

Much of marine life begins as microscopic larvae—so tiny, delicate, and scattered in hard-to-reach parts of ocean that scientists have had a tough time illuminating this fundamental stage of life in the ocean.

To see what’s […]

Deep-sea Vents Yield New Species

Deep-sea Vents Yield New Species

Call it “midnight at the OASES.” Neither permanent darkness nor extreme pressure and heat cause problems for a host of new deep-sea species found in January by an international research expedition called “OASES 2012.”

The expedition, […]

Stephanie Chin

Stephanie Chin

Stephanie Chin is most likely the only Summer Student Fellow whose project could one day operate in space—at least in theory. She worked on building a prototype for a biologic pump sampler for the  autonomous […]

Can't Bring Deep-sea Samples Up? Send a Lab Down.

Can’t Bring Deep-sea Samples Up? Send a Lab Down.

Much of what is surprising about the deep ocean results from the extraordinary conditions found there-frigid temperatures, crushing pressure, unusual chemical and biological processes, and the complete absence of sunlight. For those who study the […]