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Chip Breier

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PlankZooka & SUPR-REMUS

PlankZooka & SUPR-REMUS

Much of marine life begins as microscopic larvae—so tiny, delicate, and scattered in hard-to-reach parts of ocean that scientists have had a tough time illuminating this fundamental stage of life in the ocean. To see…

Deep-sea Vents Yield New Species

Deep-sea Vents Yield New Species

Call it “midnight at the OASES.” Neither permanent darkness nor extreme pressure and heat cause problems for a host of new deep-sea species found in January by an international research expedition called “OASES 2012.” The…

Stephanie Chin

Stephanie Chin

Stephanie Chin is most likely the only Summer Student Fellow whose project could one day operate in space—at least in theory. She worked on building a prototype for a biologic pump sampler for the  autonomous…

Can't Bring Deep-sea Samples Up? Send a Lab Down.

Can’t Bring Deep-sea Samples Up? Send a Lab Down.

Much of what is surprising about the deep ocean results from the extraordinary conditions found there-frigid temperatures, crushing pressure, unusual chemical and biological processes, and the complete absence of sunlight. For those who study the…