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Carol Anne Clayson

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Adapt or retreat:

No solution is off the table to prepare for sea level rise in Woods Hole

the sea ahead

Sea Ahead

Once upon a time, ocean scientists hung up cans on up a tree on Bikini Atoll to measure wave height in the Marshall Islands during nuclear weapons testing. Today, ocean technologies and data harvesting are heading somewhere big, from swarming bots, to more autonomous submersibles, and the miniaturization of ocean sensors

Harnessing the Power

Harnessing the Power

Can wind developers and ocean scientists work together to get US offshore wind cranking?

Tracking a Snow Globe of Microplastics

Tracking a Snow Globe of Microplastics

Millions of tons of plastics end up in the global ocean each year, but where does all that material go once it gets there?

Through the Looking-Glass of the Sea Surface

Through the Looking-Glass of the Sea Surface

Scientists are using new technology to make previously impossible measurements at the turbulent ocean surface—a crucial junction for energy exchange between the air above and the sea below.

Calculating Evaporation from the Ocean

Illustration by Amy Caracappa-Qubeck, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Imagine you turn on the tap in the morning and water pummels out and spills over your sink. Later you go out to your garden, but water trickles […]