A native of Falmouth, Mass., Colin O’Brien studied literature at West Point. After graduation, he embarked on an Army career where his duties were as wide and varied as the posts to which he was assigned. Salient memories include falling into a cactus during night land navigation in the Huachuca Mountains, riding an elephant through a jungle in Thailand, and wondering why the cars in the Camp Zama parking lot outside Tokyo kept bobbing up and down on a fateful March afternoon in 2011.

After returning home, O’Brien volunteered in the WHOI Communications Department, where he  saw firsthand how science writing sat at the confluence of two things that fascinate him: narrative and the curiosities of the natural world, and scientific literature became a staple of his reading diet.

O’Brien is now a graduate student at the University of Chicago, but when he comes home to Cape Cod, he enjoys jogging around the cranberry bogs in North Falmouth and taking trivia night at Liam Maguire’s pub a bit too seriously.