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Seaweed Solutions

How scientists, ocean farmers, and policy makers are looking to kelp as a sustainable solution to some of the toughest issues facing our world today.

As our climate continues to change and food insecurity grows worldwide, scientists and others are looking to solve these problems without harming marine ecosystems.

Learn how seaweed aquaculture has the potential to play a major role in creating climate-friendly food systems for a growing population and to produce new types of carbon-neutral animal feeds, fuels, and other products for a more sustainable future.

Season 4, Episode 1
Originally aired February 22, 2022
Speakers & Host:
Scott Lindell

Aquaculture Research Specialist

Robert Jones

Global Aquaculture Lead, The Nature Conservancy

Briana Warner

CEO Atlantic Sea Farms

Veronique LaCapra, Director of Special Projects for Advancement, WHOI
Veronique LaCapra

Host and Director of Special Projects, WHOI

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