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rising seas

Understanding, predicting, and adapting to sea level rise

Sea levels are rising, but they are rising at different rates in different places, with differing impacts for coastal communities and ecosystems. To predict and adapt to future sea levels, we need to understand where and why they are rising now and have risen in the past.

Join us for a conversation about the drivers and consequences of rising sea levels—and adaptation strategies to protect lives and livelihoods by making our coastlines and infrastructure more resilient.

Season 6, Episode 3
Originally aired April 24, 2024
Speakers & Host:
Chris Piecuch
Chris Piecuch

Sea Level Scientist, WHOI

Shannon Hulst
Shannon Hulst

Floodplain Manager, Barnstable County and WHOI Sea Grant

Hannah Wagner
Hannah Wagner

Resilience Manager, City of Boston

Veronique LaCapra
Veronique Lacapra

Host and Director of Special Projects, WHOI

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