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Oceans Beyond Earth

From Earth’s deep ocean to the search for extraterrestrial life

Earth’s ocean is essential to life and may have even given rise to life on our planet billions of years ago. We now know that vast oceans of liquid water also exist beneath the icy shells of moons in our own solar system. These ocean worlds provide compelling targets in the search for extraterrestrial life, perhaps within the next human generation. Hear a stimulating discussion of how the exploration of the depths of our ocean can help inform the search for life beyond Earth.

Season 2, Episode 1
Originally aired September 16, 2020
Speakers & Host:
Chris German

Marine Geoscientist, WHOI

Kennda Lynch

Astrobiologist and Geomicrobiologist, Lunar and Planetary Institute

Julie Huber
Julie Huber

Marine Microbiologist, WHOI

Eugene Mirman

Special Guest and Comedian

Veronique Lacapra
Veronique Lacapra

Host and Director of Special Projects, WHOI

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