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The Future of Coastal Cities

Coastal cities lie at the intersection of many issues—ocean and climate, ecosystems and human infrastructure, and a rapidly growing population on a constantly changing landscape between land and sea. Our safety, economic security, and cultural growth depend on us learning how to live more wisely in this complex landscape. Sea-level rise and other fundamental changes are already reshaping coastal cities around the globe. Whether this evolution is incremental or, in the case of hurricanes, present dramatic and often wholesale change, we will need multidisciplinary, collaborative solutions, that focus on supporting communities through uncertain times.

Season 2, Episode 2
Originally aired September 23, 2020
Speakers & Host:
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist, founder of Ocean Collectiv and Urban Ocean Lab
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Marine Biologist, Founder of Ocean Collective and Urban Ocean Lab

Jeff Donnelly

Senior Scientist and Marine Geologist

Veronique Lacapra
Veronique Lacapra

Host and Director of Special Projects, WHOI

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