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Exploring partnerships and solutions for survival

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered whales in the world, with an estimated 340 left on the planet. These animals are often found on the Continental Shelf of the East Coast of North America, making them vulnerable to human activities including fishing gear entanglements. In recent years, more whales have died than have been born. Join us as we examine the top threats facing North Atlantic right whales, and discuss the crucial efforts by the scientific community, fishing industry, and policy makers to develop the most effective and viable solutions to ensure the long-term survival of this critically endangered species.

Season 3, Episode 2
Originally aired February 10, 2021
Speakers & Host:
Michael Moore

Whale Trauma Specialist, WHOI

Rob Martin

Commercial Fisherman

Michael Asaro

Ecological Economist, NOAA Fisheries

Veronique Lacapra
Veronique Lacapra

Host and Director of Special Projects, WHOI

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