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The students tested a variety of commercial adhesives, mainly epoxies, and prepared control samples in air on metal fixtures suitable for strength testing at the community college where students were enrolled in a Strength of Materials engineering class. Adhesives were applied to rocks and to testing fixtures. Adhesives were applied in air and under water. Samples were deployed in seawater for life tests. The high school students played the role of technicians and assisted the cadets, the engineers, in the laboratory. The laboratory was held in a chemistry lab, with an adjacent meeting room with chairs and a blackboard. The students gathered first in the meeting room to receive the lab instructions. The lab handouts are linked above right. The students gathered again at the end of the lab to discuss what they had done and what should be done next. Sometimes there was a gathering after about an hour in the lab to discuss procedures or solutions to a difficulty. Neither the lab instructor or the students knew which adhesives would work or what difficulties would occur in mixing or applying them.