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Tenth Lab Task: Life-tested samples; bond strength tests

Marine Adhesives

Nov. 6, 2001

Dr. Sichel

Testing bond strength in MMA's strength of materials testing lab

Go to the floating dock and harvest the PSI-326 samples in the minnow cage. There are two minnow cages tied to the floating dock. One cage contains a couple of life-test samples of PSI-326 epoxy (heavy aluminum and oak wood fixtures). It was deployed on Oct. 18, 2001. (The other cage contains several adhesives, each one is in a mesh bag with a Tyvek label. It was deployed on Sept. 25, 2001.)

Prof. Robideau is in charge of the strength of materials lab and he will show us how to perform the tests. Cadet 2/C Pike is enrolled in Prof. Robideau's class and he will assist and provide information to our technicians.

Before loading a sample into the testing machine, blot it gently with paper towels to dry it. Keep a careful record of each sample tested and the force (in pounds) at which it failed. Also note the theoretical area of the bond and your best estimate of the % coverage, based on your examination of the adherends after the bond failed. Was it a failure of adhesion or a failure of cohesion? We will be able to test the heavy aluminum fixture. Depending on what kinds of adapters there are in the lab, we might be able to do a compression test on the oak wood fixture.
sample force@failure area % coverage failure mode psi, actual

Complete your calculations of psi theoretical and psi actual.