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Eighth Lab Task: continue developing prototype applicator

Equipment for prototypes. Double roller dispenser.

Continue building prototypes

The epoxy is PSI-326, which comes in part A and part B, mixed 1-to-1.
There are several designs of adhesive markers/applicators being tested.
These include:

1. Pre-loaded porous sponges with part A and part B applied to the rocks.
2. An all-in-one syringe/mixer.
3. Pre-loaded breakable spheres or balloons, loaded with part A and part B.
4. A double roller to squeeze the Smart Glue disposable applicator/mixer.

The effect of temperatures near 0 degrees Celsius may make the epoxy difficult
to mix.  Prepare a tray of iced seawater to test the prototypes in chilled
water.  Chill the epoxy before applying to a rock.

At the suggestion of UCCRTS technician West, we have a supply of silicone
caulk to try underwater.

Draw a diagram of your applicator/marker.  Ask Dr. Sichel to photograph it
for the record.