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Ninth Lab Task: Continue building prototype applicators and test RTV silicone

Marine Adhesives

Oct. 30, 2001

Fall 2001, Dr. Sichel

Continue building prototypes and test RTV silicone

Discussion before beginning lab: Make list of prototypes still being tested. Answer questions remaining from lab report #8. Discuss what we learned from Dr. Pocius and what changes we should make, based on our new information. Prof. Ucci has completed the test of control samples and he picked up the refrigerated seawater samples from us on Oct. 25. Dr. Sichel is looking into the possibility of our measuring the bond strength of the life-tested samples (in minnow cages) ourselves in MMA's strength of materials lab. Stay tuned for news.

Prepare a tray of iced seawater to test the prototypes in chilled water. Collect more rocks if we need more. Test the RTV silicone caulk by applying it underwater. Test any other prototype ideas that we have discussed or which you have not completed to date.