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A Summer of Science by the Sea

Profiles of undergraduates of the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship Program.

Alvin in Action at 50

Launching and recovering Alvin as it enters its 50th year in service. (2014)

Alvin's Pilots

Articles and conversations on the tight-knot group with the ‘right stuff’ to guide the deep-sea sub. (2005)

Around WHOI

Articles on institutional news and events.


Articles and conversations with engineers who designed and built WHOI’s deepest-diving robot. (2009)

Fukushima and the Ocean

What have we learned from this unprecedented release of radioactive contaminants to the ocean? (2013)

Is the Arctic Feeling the Heat?

WHOI scientists explore the impacts of climate change on this critical, vulnerable region. (2005)

Microplastics in the Ocean

Microplastics—tiny plastic fragments less than five millimeters in size—are ubiquitous in the global ocean.

MIT-WHOI JP Students at Work

Profiles on the research conducted by graduate students at WHOI.

North Atlantic Right Whales

WHOI scientists launch research to learn about this endangered species and find ways to conserve them. (2004)

Ocean Iron Fertilization

Scientists and other experts debate the pros and cons of this controversial geoengineering proposal. (2008)

Rebuilding Alvin

Conversations with the people who designed and built the new and improved version of the submarine. (2013)

Research to Help the Navy

Throughout its history, WHOI scientists have conducted research that helps the Navy in its theater of operations. (2005)

Scientific Diving

For some kinds of ocean research, there’s no substitute for getting into the water yourself.

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

A critical mass of WHOI scientists and technology mustered in response to a national crisis. (2011)