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Suzi Clark

Suzi Clark grew up ten miles from the beach in southern California and somehow doesn’t like to swim, sail, or surf. And now she’s studying to become an oceanographer. From a family of lawyers, she’s determined to break the trend by switching the “J” in J.D. for a “Ph,” so that she can break up holiday debates with rants about esoteric topics that no one else understands. When she is not studying microscopic organisms with the help of her advisors, Dennis McGillicuddy and David Ralston, she’s usually pursuing her other goals of becoming a paint-by-number extraordinaire, crocheting a never-ending blanket, standing in unnatural positions in ballet, or learning yet another foreign language (she speaks XXXXXXXXXXX).


The Recipe for a Harmful Algal Bloom

The Recipe for a Harmful Algal Bloom

Harmful algal blooms can produce toxins that accumulate in shellfish and cause health problems and economic losses. They have increased in strength and frequency worldwide. Can we get advance warnings of when and where they will occur?

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