Robert Detrick

Bob Detrick is a marine geophysicist and Senior Scientist at WHOI, and effective July 2004, will be the Vice President for Marine Facilities and Operations at WHOI. As a young boy, Detrick’s family vacations to Colorado from his hometown of Pittsburgh sparked a lifelong interest in geology and a love of mountains and world travel. In 1970 he came to Woods Hole as a Summer Student Fellow and was captured by the adventure and challenge of studying the geology of the seafloor. As first a Joint Program Student and later as a scientific staff member, Detrick has spent nearly 20 years at WHOI and participated in over 30 different oceanographic research cruises. His research interest encompass marine seismology, ocean crustal structure and tectonics, especially along mid-ocean ridges, and mantle dynamics. In his new position, Detrick will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for integrating WHOI ships, vehicle systems (manned submersible, remotely operated vehicles, and autonomous underwater vehicles) and ocean observatories to provide researchers at WHOI with unmatched access to the sea.