Maris Wicks is a writer and illustrator of science comics, as well as a self-proclaimed giant nerd. She has written, drawn, and colored comics for Adhouse Books, Tugboat Press, Spongebob Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics, as well as the New England Aquarium (and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution!). Wicks is the illustrator of The New York Times-bestselling book Primates, with Jim Ottaviani. Her latest graphic novel, Human Body Theater, is a 240-page rollicking romp through the major systems of the human body (told in comics format, of course).

When she is not busy making comics, Wicks can be found prepping slides for her collection of vintage microscopes, scuba diving, hiking, and baking cookies (though never all of those things all at once). She has also spent the last eight years as a part-time program educator for the New England Aquarium, teaching kids about just how awesome marine invertebrates are. She is active on Twitter and Tumblr.