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Kenneth H. Brink

Ken Brink is
a Senior Scientist
in the Physical Oceanography Department at WHOI and former director of
the Coastal Ocean Institute. He was educated at Cornell and Yale
Universities, and has conducted research at WHOI since 1971. From
1996-2001, he served as chair of the Ocean Studies Board of the
National Research Council. Ken also has served as president of The
Oceanography Society and as a member of the Science Advisory Panel of
the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy. From 2003-2005, he served as
science director of the Ocean Research Interactive Observatory
Networks. In his spare time, Ken enjoys travel and historic railroads.


The Grass is Greener in the Coastal Ocean

The Grass is Greener in the Coastal Ocean

Stretching from inland rivers and bays to the edge of the continental shelf, the coastal ocean accounts for about 10 percent of the ocean’s surface area. Yet this relatively small sliver of ocean contains about half of all the microscopic plants adrift in our seas.

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