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Hanny Rivera

Hanny Rivera’s fondness for the ocean and for corals developed as she splished around Miami, Florida, where her father taught her to scuba dive. She loved (and still does) all kinds of ocean and land critters, having had an assortment of pets as a child, from fish to flying marsupials. In her free time, Rivera is actively involved in science communication groups, such the WHOI Broader Impacts Group, which she leads. She also enjoys salsa dancing, riding motorcycles, practicing aerial yoga, and making her own environmentally friendly household cleaners. For her Ph.D. degree, she works with Dr. Ann Tarrant, her advisor, and Dr. Anne Cohen. Her mentor for this article was Joshua Howgego of New Scientist magazine.


Searching for ‘Super Reefs’

Searching for ‘Super Reefs’

Some corals are less vulnerable to ocean acidification. Can the offspring from these more resilient corals travel to other reefs to help sustain more vulnerable coral populations there?

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