Number 2: MIT/WHOI Joint Program Part I

Woods Hole Currents: Volume 8, Number 2, 1999

Table of Contents

Meant for Each Other

After 31 years, the MIT/WHOI Joint Program is going strong.

Doubly Blessed

First graduate felt synergy and symbiosis of two campuses.

'Joint' Ventures

One builds robots to work in hazardous places. The other works to help industries think 'green.'

Taking the Navy Deep

Rear Admiral Paul Sullivan spent 29 years taking US Navy sailors deep under water, out of sight and out of touch in a global military cat-and-mouse game. Then he fulfilled a new mission, one for which he was trained more than two decades ago.

Biogeochemical Sleuth

Following a trail of chemical clues through the ocean.

Safe and Effective

Making sure common household products won't harm the environment.