Number 3: MIT/WHOI Joint Program Part II

Woods Hole Currents: Volume 8, Number 3, 2000

Table of Contents

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program

Having two great parents has its advantages.

Tickling the Ivories and Tackling the Pacific

Lynne Talley feels equally comfort-able at the keyboard of a piano or a computer.

Out of the Academy and into the Aquarium

William Spitzer and Michael Connor both graduated from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program with no intentions of ever working in a laboratory or ivory tower.

Shaking up the Oil Patch

Better oil exploration through geochemistry.

Oceanographer in Orbit

Astronaut alumna has dual perspective on inner & outer space.

An Intellectual Adventure

From the Black Hills to the Mid-Ocean Ridges.

WHOI Waypoints: The Call of the Ocean

Alumnus returns as Director of Development.