Number 1: Diving into Climate History

Woods Hole Currents: Volume 10, Number 1, 2003

Table of Contents

Diving Into Climate History

Coral skeletons reveal some bare bones facts of climate change

Bringing Home the Big Guy with Floats and a Four-ton Winch

Hauling a massive coral from 50 feet below the surface proves to be tricky.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

REMUS proves its mettle in war and peace

Oil Spill a Bane for Buzzards Bay, a Boon for Coastal Science

WHOI chemists respond to a disaster in the Institution's backyard.

A Few Good Men? Actually, Two

Expedition Leader Pat Hickey becomes just the second submersible pilot to dive more than 500 times in Alvin.

Jason and the Golden Fleece

A heroic voyage in ROV engineering.

WHOI Waypoint New Endowment Supports Innovative Seagoing Research

The Rinehart Initiatve for Access to the Sea