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NSF Sponsored Workshop

Arctic Observing Based on Ice-Tethered Platforms

June 28 to 30, 2004
At the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA

Presentations from the meeting:

Ashjian, Carin, Application of Ice-Tethered Instrumentation to Understanding Arctic Biology
Bottenheim, Jan, OASIS Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack interactions in Polar regions
Carmack, Eddy, An Ice Tethered Science Program
Dethloff, K., The value of atmospheric near surface measurements with ice-tethered platforms over the Arctic ocean
Dethloff, K., Atmospheric measurements as a prerequisite for modeling the Arctic climate system
Drobot, Sheldon, Arctic Observing Network
Edwards, Margo, Seafloor Sounding in Polar and Remote Regions (SSPARR)
Ezraty, Robert, Monitoring Arctic Ice Drift from Space
Fahrbach, Eberhard, Floats in Polar Oceans
Fahrbach, Eberhard, Hybrid Arctic Float System HAFOS
Geiger, Kathleen, Towards a High Spatial High Temporal Synthesis of Sea-Ice Kinematics
Guay, Christopher, Geochemical Tracers of Arctic Ocean Circulation
Kikuchi et al., Development and deployment plan of ARGO type buoy in the Arctic Ocean
Kikuchi et al., JGR-Oceans paper "Distribution of Convective Lower Halocline Water In the Eastern Arctic Ocean"
Korsnes, Reinert, and Zyrianov, Denis, Ice Snake
Krembs, Christopher Non-invasive, highly vertical resolved observations of sea-ice biomass
Krishfield, Rick and John Toole, Ice-tethered Instruments: History and Future Development
Lee, Craig et al., An Observational Array for High Resolution, Year-Round Measurements of Volume, Freshwater and Ice Flux Variability in Davis Strait
McLaughlin, Fiona, Arctic Observation Programs
Moritz, Richard et al., IABP: International Arctic Buoy Programme
Moritz, Richard, Ice-Tethered Platforms: SEARCH Distributed Marine Observatories, History and NPEO
Moritz, Richard et al., Perspective: SEARCH Implementation Plan and Arctic Observing System
Moritz, Richard, Measurements in the Atmospheric Column
Perovich, Don, The Arctic Sea Ice Cover: Interface, Impediment, Integrator
Plueddemann, Al, Upper Ocean Observations from Ice-Anchored Buoys
Prinsenberg, Simon, Measuring Ice properties with: -fixed-mounted helicopter sensors -satellite-tracked ice beacons
Pryamikov, Sergei, Russian view on ice tethered observing system
Ryabinin, Vladimir, SOME possible contributions of ice tethered platforms to various international programmes
Siddall, Greg, ICYCLER: Energy-efficient ocean surface layer profiler moored under mobile pack ice
Stanton, Tim, An Autonomous Ocean Flux Buoy
Thornton, Sarah, High-resolution Nitrate measurements –moored, profiles, or both?

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