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Gordon Lill

The Ocean’s bottom is at least as important to us as the moon’s behind.

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Swim alongside a Right Whale and her calf

On Monday, March 27, 2023, Spindle, an approximately 41-year-old North Atlantic right whale, was spotted in Cape Cod Bay with her calf. A new video from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, New England Aquarium, and Whale & Dolphin Conservation, shows the calf suckling, or feeding, as it swims under its mother.

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Marie Curie

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

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Ocean Encounters: Jellies

Jellyfish and other ocean “jellies” may be best known for their painful stings, but they play an important role in ecosystems from seagrass beds to the deep sea. Join us to hear about the techniques scientists are using to study these amazing creatures, and what jellies can teach us about the ocean’s health—and our own.

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Discovering La Mer

Boston Ballet and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have joined forces to collaborate on Nanine Linning’s upcoming world premiere, La Mer, a contemporary ballet that explores the nature of threats facing the ocean, as well as the potential in the ocean to create solutions to our most challenging environmental and societal problems.  

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Marie Tharp

Marie Tharp Quotes

There’s truth to the old clichés that a picture is worth a thousand words and that seeing is believing.

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Ocean Encounters: Hydrothermal Vents

Like geysers and hot springs on land, hydrothermal vents form in volcanic regions on the ocean bottom, gushing hot, mineral-rich fluids from beneath the seafloor. Join us to hear what scientists have learned about vents and the surprising organisms that thrive there— and what they can teach us about the origins of life on Earth.

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Ernest Everett Just

Ernest Everett Just Quote

We feel the beauty of nature because we are part of nature… Although we may deal with the particulars, we return finally to the whole pattern woven out of these.

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Alvin visits the wreck of the Titanic

This rare, uncut footage of the wreck of Titanic marks the first time humans had set eyes on the ill-fated ship since 1912 and includes many other iconic scenes. Captured in July 1986 from cameras on the human-occupied submersible Alvin and the newly built, remotely operated Jason Junior, most of this footage has never been released to the public.

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Bernard A. Harris, Jr.

Bernard A. Harris, Jr. Quote

We are infinite beings with infinite possibilities. We have the power within ourselves to do anything we set our minds to.

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2022 Year in Review

Re-live the best of 2022 with this montage showcasing just some of WHOI’s ocean science, technology, and engineering highlights. WHOI researchers are active in upwards of 800 projects around the world at any time, providing critical information about some of the most urgent challenges facing humanity and the planet we call home. As part of the WHOI community, we thank you for your dedication to our ocean, our future, and our planet. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!

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Ocean Encounters: Sailing for Science

Despite extreme weather, spending months away from home, and the occasional pirate, these intrepid mariners are passionate about supporting research at sea. Find out about the diverse careers available in marine operations–and maybe join the crew!

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Dave Barry

Dave Barry Quote

When you finally see what’s going on underwater, you realize you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.

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Cynthia Ozick

Cynthia Ozick Quote

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.

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The Ocean Pavilion at COP27

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is joining forces with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and 18 other oceanographic partners from around the globe to speak for the ocean at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27). The Ocean Pavilion brings together world leaders in ocean science, technology, and policy to carry the message that the ocean matters to everyone, everywhere, and that science must lead the way in our quest for safe, long-term solutions to climate change. Because now – more than ever, the ocean needs us and we need the ocean.

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Hope for Corals in Crisis

Coral reefs around the world are facing a dangerous decline, but there is still hope! This behind-the-scenes video highlights some of the novel technologies and approaches WHOI researchers are developing to detect and diagnose at-risk corals before any visible signs of damage when there is still time to intervene.

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