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Quick pitstop

Quick Pit Stop

Moments after the SID-ISMS (Submerged Incubation Device-In Situ Microbial Sampler) returned from beneath the Mediterranean Sea, an international team of scientists hurried to remove the samples it brought back and prepare it for its next deployment. The instrument was designed and built by researchers at WHOI and McLane Research Laboratories to process water and cell samples at depth, avoiding the damage that often occurs when samples are brought to the surface. SID-ISMS made its debut during a Dive and Discover cruise in 2011 exploring deep, anoxic, super-salty "lakes" in the eastern Mediterranean. Clockwise from left: Hera Karayanni, Alexandra Stock, Virginia Edgcomb, Lea Weinisch, Maria Pachiadaki. (Photo by Cherie Winner, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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