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Our research philosophy

The ocean is a vast and formidable place to work, yet knowledge of the ocean is crucial to understanding its relationship to the rest of the planet, including humans. WHOI scientists and engineers take on difficult questions in challenging environments in order to expand our knowledge of this critical part of the earth system.

Areas of Research

Areas of Research

WHOI scientists and engineers address a wide range of questions to form a multi-dimensional picture of the global ocean and its relationship to the rest of the planet, including human society. Areas we study include

  • Climate and oceans
  • Coastal science
  • Ocean life
  • Ocean resources
  • Pollution
  • Seafloor and below
  • Tools and technology
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Departments, Centers & Labs

Nearly 400 scientists and engineers at WHOI are organized into one of six research divisions and also address a range of cross-disciplinary issues through several centers and labs as well as four Ocean Institutes.

Centers | Labs

Ocean Institutes

The Ocean Institutes

WHOI’s four Ocean Institutes focus research around key, interdisciplinary issues and also provide in-house funding to scientists who are pursuing high-risk, high-reward lines of inquiry.

Projects & Programs

Programs & Projects

WHOI directly manages or contributes to a number of community-wide scientific efforts that help advance ocean research both nationally and internationally.

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Many advances by WHOI researchers have proven commercial applications, and the Institution remains committed to making this technology available to potential partners.

Scientific Facilities & Services

Scientific Facilities & Services

WHOI offers a variety of facilities and services for use by researchers inside and outside the Institution.

Data Center

Data & Repositories

Access the various online data sources from WHOI researchers.

Recent Publications

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