The package has been developed for MATLAB R2012a, but it also works for previous versions of MATLAB. It requires the toolbox map (for use of function distance) and the toolbox statistics (for use of functions nansum and nanmean). Data are read in netCDF format, using PAGO function readnc. This function is written for the built-in MATLAB R2012 netcdf functions. For older versions of MATLAB that do not have those built-in functions, user may consider using readnc-old (changing its name into readnc) that allows the use of the CSIRO netcdf-matlab interface and MATLAB netcdf toolbox. Similarly, user may have to use create_netcdf_*_old functions instead of the regular ones. Data may be accessed remotely on OPeNDAP servers, using PAGO function readdap instead of readnc. See the example of GFDL model analysis.