The package is currently delivered for analysis of 4 climate models:

  • GFDL-CM3 (Griffies et al., J. Clim., 2011),
  • NCAR-CCSM4 (Gent et al., J. Clim, 2011),
  • CNRM-CM5 (Voldoire et al., Clim. Dyn., 2012) and
  • IPSL-CM5 (Dufresne et al., Clim. Dyn., 2012).
  • We assume that variable names of data and grid characteristics are those of IPCC CMIP5 simulations. GFDL-CM3 has vertical levels of variable thickness, which we take into account by analyzing transports rather than velocities. Those transports are available at the center of the grid faces, hence no interpolation of the velocities is required (although GFDL is a B-grid model). NCAR-CCSM4 has a parameterization of the overflow across Denmark Strait, which prescribes velocities at few grid points at the bottom. We do not make special treatment for this parameterization. Interpolation of the velocities is made as follows. The volume transport at the corner of the grid cells is computed and then split in 2 to the center of each adjacent faces. Using this method, we do not make any assumption on the lateral conditions (free slip or no slip) and ensure that the volume transport is exactly conserved. Characteristics regarding the grid must be contained in a single file. They must include: the length of the grid faces, the size of the grid cell at its center, the longitude and latitude of the grid points, the land / ocean mask, the bathymetry and the thickness of the vertical levels (at the center of the grid cell and at the center of the faces in case partial steps are implemented). Other models may be analyzed using the package, by simply adapting the variable names of data and grid characteristics. Please get in touch with J. Deshayes (contact link below) if you need help in this process. HYDROBASE climatology can also be analyzed using the package - more details will come soon.