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Arctic Group Pages


Dense Water Formation in Coastal Polynyas
Eddies in the Beaufort Gyre
High Latitude Research Vessel
Iceland Sea Particle Flux
Sea Level Rise in the Arctic Ocean [html] [PDF]
Two Regimes of the Arctic's Circulation [html] [PDF]
Variability of Thermohaline Circulation and
Freshwater Storage in the Arctic Ocean
PDF Documents
Mean Hydrographic Structure of the Beaufort Shelf and Slope PDF
Stratified Convection with Multiple States PDF
External Links
Polar Discovery / Live from the Poles
Investigation of Arctic Sea Level Rise
Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project
Ice-Tethered Profiling Instrument

Edge of the Arctic Shelf

Arctic Mid Ocean Ridge Expedition (AMORE 2001)
Arctic Model Intercomparison Project
Arctic Tides
Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy
Northern Sea Route