Paris Smalls Joins WHOI Geodynamics Group

Paris Smalls joins the WHOI Geodynamics Group as an MIT/WHOI Joint Program student.  Paris graduated from the University of South Carolina in May 2016 and was a summer intern at MBARI in 2015.  His research interests include marine geology and geophysics, hydrothermal systems, and numerical modeling.  Paris spent his first summer in the Joint Program doing field work with WHOI Scientist Rob Sohn in Yellowstone National Park and will return to collect more data in 2017 (read more about it at:

SiStER 1.0 Released

SiStER 1.0 (Simple Stokes for Exotic Rheologies) is now available on GitHub:  Find more details on the code and methodology in Olive et al. [GJI, 2016].

Also check out the upcoming SiStER short course at the 2016 GSA Meeting:

Youth 1000 Scholar Award to Nan Zhang

Congratulations to former WHOI post-doc Nan Zhang for receiving a Youth 1000 Scholar Award in his new Assistant Professor position at Peking University, China!

WHOI Geodynamics at Fall AGU 2015

Past and present members of the WHOI Geodynamics group presented their research on seafloor morphology, subglacial hydrology, and mantle melting at the 2015 Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco, CA.  Pictured below from left-to-right are: I.Wada, L. Stevens, M. Behn, D. Wanless, & J.-A. Olive.

New study investigates the relationship between seafloor bathymetry and sea level changes

Congratulations to Jean-Arthur Olive for his study published last week in Science providing a global framework for interpreting the role of magma supply and lithospheric structure on the formation of abyssal hills.  These models inform the recent debate on whether variations in magma suppy associated with rapid sea level fluctuations can control seafloor morphology.  Read more about it in press releases published by Science and LDEO/Columbia University

Ikuko Wada starts new assistant professor position at the University of Minnesota

Congratulations to former WHOI & Margins Postdoctoral Fellow Ikuko Wada on starting her new assistant professor position at the University of Minnesota.  Find out about her research at:  

Nan Zhang starts new assistant professor position at Peking University

Nan Zhang will start a new assistant professor position in the School of Earth and Space Sciences at Peking Unversity in August 2015!  

Billy Shinevar joins WHOI Geodynamics Group

Billy Shinevar joins the WHOI Geodynamics Group as an MIT/WHOI Joint Program student.  Billy graduated from Brown University in May 2015 and previously worked at WHOI as a Summer Student Fellow in 2014.  His research interests include geodynamics, rheology and mechanical behavior of faults and shear zones, chemical evolution of the Earth’s crust

CSDMS Modeler of the Year!

Congratulations to Jean-Arthur Olive for winning the CSDMS modeler of the year award! He presented his work on "Modes of extensional faulting controlled by surface processes” in a Keynote lecture at the 2015 Annual CSDMS meeting in Boulder CO.  

New study on Greenland supra-glacial lake drainages

Congratulations to Laura Stevens for her recent study in Nature on the drainage of supra-glacial lakes in Greenland.  Read about it here in Oceanus Magazine.

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