Group Members

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Billy, Laura, Arthur, & Dorsey — Fall AGU 2014

Current Group Members:

Mark D. Behn (Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Research Interests: Dynamics of faulting, magmatism and surface processes at mid-ocean ridges and continental rifts; seismic anisotropy and imaging of sub-asthenospheric mantle flow; evolution of the continental crust; and ice-sheet dynamics.

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Laura Stevens (MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student)

Research interests: Ice sheet dynamics, supra-glacial lake drainage, sub-glacial hydrology, ice-sheet ocean interactions, active source seismology.

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William “Billy" Shinevar (MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student)

Research interests: Geodynamics, rheology and mechanical behavior of faults and shear zones, chemical evolution of the Earth’s crust.


Hannah Mark (MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student)

Research interests: Seismology, fault mechanics, plate bounday processes, and the structure and evolution of oceanic lithosphere.


Paris Smalls (MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student)

Research interests: Marine Geology and Geophysics, Hydrothermal Systems, Geodynamic Modeling.


Former Group Members:

Jean Arthur — aka "The Rifleman” — Olive (Ph.D. 2014, MIT/WHOI Joint Program; now LDEO Postdoctoral Fellow)

Research interests: Interactions between magmatic, tectonic, and surface processes at extensional plate boundaries.

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Nan Zhang (WHOI Postdoctoral Investigator; now Assistant Professor Peking University)


Research interests:  Magma migration, mantle structure and plume activity, plate motion history since the Paleozoic, subduction zone dynamics, evolution of the moon and Mars.


V. Dorsey Wanless (WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar; now Assistant Professor Boise State University)

Research interests:  Igneous petrology, geochemistry, and the evolution of magmas.


Ikuko Wada (Margins Postdoctoral Fellow; now Assistant Professor University of Minnesota)

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Research interests:  Subduction zone dynamics including: megathrust earthquakes, intraslab earthquakes, mantle wedge flow, transport of volatiles, generation of melts, and arc volcanism.


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