You're It

You’re It

October 4, 2012

MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Julie van der Hoop assisted Rene Swift (above) from the Miller Lab at the University of St. Andrews in tagging humpback whales off Ilse Nue, Mingan Islands, Quebec  this summer. The work was part of Rene’s postgraduate research into the sensory and foraging ecology of baleen whales. Julie “tagged along” to learn how to use the Little Leonardo data loggers for her research on right whales and entanglement. The temporary, suction cup-mounted devices are similar to WHOI’s D-tags and are providing researchers around the world with an unprecedented look at marine mammal behavior underwater.(Photo by Julie van der Hoop, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, under Scientific Fishing License QUE02B-2012 issued to the Mingan Island Cetacean Study by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada)