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WHOI climate scientist explains why we need to limit global warming at COP28

WHOI climate scientist Sarah Das explains why limiting the average temperature of the planet makes all the difference in an interview with We Don’t Have Time‘s Climate Hub at COP28 in Dubai.

“Every 1/10th of a degree of warming that we can limit is really going to be critical to the future of our planet,” she said during the live broadcast. “We need a total phaseout of fossil fuels in order to have any hope of reaching these warming targets that will keep our planet really safe and habitable.”

As a glaciologist, Das has led over 20 scientific expeditions to Greenland and Antarctica. After close to three decades bearing witness to the rapidly melting polar ice sheets, much of her focus now is on developing science-based solutions to improve coastal community resilience to rising seas, training the next generation of climate scientists, and communicating the importance of understanding and acting on climate change with policy makers and the public.


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