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Ocean Encounters: Weirdly Wonderful Creatures of the twilight zone

Dive with us into the ocean twilight zone—the weirdest place on Earth. This vast, dark, barely explored layer of the ocean is home to countless weirdly wonderful creatures whose uniqueness also gives them superpowers to survive in a world of darkness, extreme pressure, frigid cold, and superpowered predators. The twilight zone is a place of wonder, mystery, and abundance that reminds us our choices mean the difference between a future of loss and sustainability.

Speakers: Joel Llopiz, Fish Biologist, WHOI, Vincent Pieribone, Vice Chairman, OceanX and Director, John B. Pierce Laboratory, Yale University, and Heidi Sosik, OTZ Lead Scientist and Biologist, WHOI with host Véronique LaCapra, WHOI

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