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Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away

March 27, 2017

WHOI research associate Jennie Rheuban, former research assistant Kelly Luis, research assistant Michaela Fendrock, and R/V Baykeeper captain Luke Lomeland (left to right) grapple with a weather balloon at Megansett Harbor in Falmouth, Mass., during a test of a new airborn camera system last summer. The camera, a multi-spectral sensor, was designed by WHOI biologist Sam Laney and MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Ryan O’Shea to monitor coastal water quality and was funded by a grant from WHOI’s Innovative Technology Program. The sensor package will eventually be designed to be fit onto a remote-controlled aerial drone and flown from shore or a ship. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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