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Turtle's Eye View

Turtle’s Eye View

November 9, 2016

A leatherback turtle breaches the surface near the ferry lane between Martha’s Vineyard and Woods Hole, Mass. A ‘turtle-borne’ camera snapped this photo as part of the WHOI TurtleCam project. Using technology from the REMUS SharkCam, WHOI engineer Amy Kukulya teamed with WHOI scientist Kara Dodge, and together they were able to track and video leatherback sea turtles this past fall. The recorded video will help give important insight into the turtles’ movements and behavior, which in turn may lead to a better understanding of coastal threats such as entanglement in fishing lines and boat strikes. (Photo by Dermochelys coriacea, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, NOAA Permit # 15672-02)

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