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Images from the Bottom of the Earth

  • BottomOfEarth01
    Bow of RSV Aurora Australis heading in to ice berg field off Antartica. (note RSV stands for Research and Supply Vessel)
  • BottomOfEarth02
    Scientific party and crew of RSV Aurora Australis ANARE Voyage 3.
  • BottomOfEarth03
    View of pancake ice through port hole.
  • Lone ice berg near the edge of the seasonally ice covered waters.
  • Dark skys and clouds were common.
  • CTD/Rosette water sampler being lowered from ship between ice flows.
  • Recovery of flotation used to keep sediment trap mooring upright and taught.
  • Deployment of net used to sample marine plankton.
  • View from the ship of Adelie penguins as they slide to the watersedge
  • Close up (or too close?) to an ice berg as viewed from the upper deck of the Aurora Australis.
  • Approach to the Mertz Glacier field. Note thin skim of ice dampens waves and gives light sheen to water vs. deeper blue color and ripples on non-ice covered areas.
  • Moon rise over the melting ice at midnight.
  • King Neptune pays us a visit & demands homage.
  • Ray of sun iluminates sea near lone ice berg.
  • Ice coring on the melting ice field with larger ice berg in background.
  • Two Adelie penguins on ice (and Ken's boot to show how close he got-not an attempt to boot the penguin!)
  • Penguin sledding--the only way to travel.
  • A day on the ice shared by scientists and penguins alike.
  • Close-up view of Adelie Penguin from ice.
  • Ken Buesseler overlooking the bow of the Aurora Australis.

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