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Deep-Sea Camera

Deep-Sea Camera

November 9, 2017

The WHOI TowCam is a deep-sea camera system that is towed by a cable from a ship so that it flies near the seafloor and can obtain digital images, as well as rock and water samples. TowCam is an asset in the Multidisciplinary Instrumentation in Support of Oceanography (MISO) Facility at WHOI, a pool of oceanographic instruments that scientists can use on research expeditions. Here, TowCam was used on a 2016 voyage aboard the research vessel Neil Armstrong led by WHOI scientists Rob Evans and Dan Lizarralde. The scientists investigated whether large reservoirs of fresh water may be trapped beneath the seafloor on the continental shelf off New England. (Photo by Evan Lubofsky, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


Image and Visual Licensing

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