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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deep Ocean: AUV Orpheus

Introducing AUV Orpheus, a new class of underwater technology designed to unlock the mysteries of the ocean all the way to the greatest depths of the hadal zone. Orpheus is capable of operating in any part of the ocean without human intervention and completing complex missions of exploration and discovery.

AUV Orpheus project is part of the WHOI HADEX program, a partnership with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Orpheus Team:

Tim Shank, Casey Machado (WHOI)

Kevin Hand, Andy Klesh, Russell Smith (NASA JPL)

Video by Craig LaPlante & Ken Kostel, WHOI

Animation by Tim Silva, WHOI Creative

Additional footage by Evan Kovacs ©WHOI

Image and Visual Licensing

WHOI copyright digital assets (stills and video) contained on this website can be licensed for non-commercial use upon request and approval. Please contact WHOI Digital Assets at or (508) 289-2647.