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360 video of coral reef scientists at work!

Dive in and join WHOI researchers as they survey a coral reef in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, in this immersive 360 video. During a reef survey, divers layout coordinates with a tape measure and travel up and down that line documenting coral species, size, and health. This particular survey was conducted by post-doctoral scholar Anya Brown, MIT-WHOI graduate student Lei Ma, and WHOI research associate, Jeanne Bloomberg as part of an ongoing project being led by WHOI Associate Scientist, Amy Apprill. This trip was made in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. For more information about the work being done visit the Apprill Lab.

Image and Visual Licensing

WHOI copyright digital assets (stills and video) contained on this website can be licensed for non-commercial use upon request and approval. Please contact WHOI Digital Assets at or (508) 289-2647.