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2021 Year in Review

Re-live the best of 2021 with this montage showcasing just some of WHOI’s ocean science, technology, and engineering highlights. WHOI researchers are active in upwards of 800 projects around the world at any time, providing critical information about some of the most urgent challenges facing humanity and the planet we call home. As part of the WHOI community, we thank you for your dedication to our ocean, our future, and our planet. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022!

Featuring the following projects: R/V Atlantis mid-life refit and return to Woods Hole EXPORTS Ocean Twilight Zone expedition to the Northeast Atlantic Reef Solutions Initiative expedition to the U.S. Virgin Islands Overwinter in Antarctica R/V Neil Armstrong summer expedition to the Irminger sea Kelp aquaculture in the Northeast Mining whaling logbooks for climate data WHOI REMUS Lab Long-range AUV deployment by the U.S. Coast Guard Ocean Vital Signs Network Controlling Nereid Under-Ice AUV with augmented reality Dry test of the Acoustic Telescope Squid acoustics research Testing AUV Sentry HOV Alvin upgrade and sea trials AUV Orpheus and Eurydice engineering test and future concept AUV Mesobot in Bermuda ROV Jason at the East Pacific Rise Protecting North Atlantic right whales with ropeless fishing gear Keep it Weird campaign Illuminating the Abyss at the United Nations

Image and Visual Licensing

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